Alternative to Sports Betting – Try an Online Casino

The beautiful game – football; it is virtually the only sport which is played in basically every country in the world.

On top of being the most played, situs judi bola football is also the most watched, the most written about and the most talked about sport on the planet, too. Therefore, it is not surprising that football is now the most popular sport for sports betting.

A UK Gambling Commission report stated that nearly half a billion pounds were bet on football matches alone in 2015 – the second most popular, horse racing, pulled in £340 million.

Online bookmakers have played a vital role in boosting football betting. The comprehensive market depth means a punter can place a wager on anything from the match result to overunder goals, total cornerscards or even the number of tackles made by a certain player.

However, situs judi bola betting on football has its limitations as well which paves the way for the online casino to shine, and here’s why.

Similarities & Differences Between Sports Betting and Online Casinos

From a simplistic viewpoint, both are forms of gambling so they share that common label but the answer is a little more complex than that very broad assertion.

Sports betting is knowledge or skill-based – a bettor will place a wager on a resultoutcome based on their knowledge of the peopleteamsmatch. This is comparable to casino games such as blackjack, 3-card poker or casino hold ‘em. Such games rely on knowledge and strategy – the player is making an educated decision before the wager.

Slots, on the other hand, are like buying a lottery ticket. These are not a game of skill so they are dramatically different to sports betting. The appeal is hitting the big jackpot and winning thousands or possibly millions of euros.

Online Casinos are Fun and Relaxing

Let’s be honest, situs judi bola sports betting can be a rather tense affair at times. When a wager is placed on a certain outcome in a game, often the enjoyment factor is replaced by other emotions.

For example, if a bettor has nine correct predictions on a ten-fold football accumulator, the last match becomes a rather nerve-wracking, stressful occasion. The same can be said if a bettor bets on the correct score in a single game and with 80 minutes gone they are on for a win. The last 10 minutes have the bettor watching is a state of mild anxiety.

The online casino is different in that it offers a more fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere. Possibly, situs judi bola it is due to the instantaneous nature of the games or perhaps it’s knowing that each game has a regulated RTP return to player which provides assurance over the long term.

Table game enthusiasts know by sticking to the game’s optimal strategy, they will keep the house edge to a minimum based on prolonged playing. Online video and classic slots allow the player to set a predetermined bet value and how many bet lines to play. It is then just a case of relaxing and spinning the reels.

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