Hope for U.S. Online Poker Blossoms Seven Years After Black Friday



  • The Chris Ferguson apology opens up Black Friday wounds, but hope abounds for U.S. online poker players.
  • Options for U.S. online poker players looking more promising seven-plus years after Black Friday.
  • With the recent Chris Ferguson video that dropped, situs judi bola wherein the former Full Tilt Poker exec offered up a brief apology for not being able to “prevent Black Friday from happening,” many players are brought back to that dark moment in poker’s past that deprived so many.

    Players who had comfortably been grinding out a living online lost a huge chunk of their bankrolls and net worth, situs judi bola not to mention their source of income, when the Department of Justice unveiled a 52-page indictment against top executives of the big three online poker sites operating in the U.S. – Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Absolute PokerUltimate Bet.

    Countless stories of Black Friday loss endure, loads of players forced to turn to pouring drinks or waiting tables to pay the bills and rebuild after losing everything, while many others who had a semblance of a roll left resorted to seeking online poker refuge outside of the States as a result. But not all have had to exit the country to find some legitimate online poker options.

    A Look Back at Black Friday

    An array of charges on that fateful Friday, April 15 of 2011 included bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling, many of which related to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act UIGEA signed by then-President George W. Bush in Oct. 2006, which outlawed the transferring of funds to and from gambling sites.

    The UIGEA went into effect on Jan. 19, 2009 with compliance required from June 1, 2010. The processing of deposits and withdraws on poker sites that continued after that date were, therefore, situs judi bola in violation of UIGEA. Full Tilt Poker’s worldwide operation was shut down later that year with additional exposure of fraud, namely that player and operational funds were not segregated, resulting in player funds not being available to make players whole.

    While many outside of the U.S. received their suspended funds during the latter part of 2012 — after PokerStars acquired all of Full Tilt Poker’s assets and agreed to pay customers back — U.S. players had to wait much longer. The first reports of repayments began to trickle in during Feb. 2014, nearly three years following the seizure.

    And much more recently, players who lost funds on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet started getting paid back, once again in the form of a bailout.

    Though the sting of the whole debacle stays with many, situs judi bola Ferguson has already resurfaced at the 2018 World Series of Poker at the Rio for the third year in a row, after capturing WSOP Player of the Year honors in 2017, to the chagrin of many a poker fan. While much of the poker community isn’t quite ready to forgive and forget just yet, some solace has come in the form of new opportunities to play legal online poker in the U.S.


Online Poker in Spain Buoyed by Shared Liquidity Innovations

Online poker in Spain enjoyed a major upswing during the first three months of 2018 thanks to the first stages of its long-awaited liquidity sharing pact with France, Italy and Portugal.

Online poker revenue in Spain improved by 27 percent thanks to shared liquidity. Image: techprevuem

Outlining the industry’s first quarter earnings, agen sbobet the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego DGOJ noted a 27 percent improvement in year-on-year poker revenue.

Although liquidity sharing only came into effect in the latter half of January thanks to PokerStars, rake was up €21 million $24.5 million.

Impressive Improvements Across the Board

Looking at the specifics, cash game revenue was up by almost 30 percent to $9.8 million, while tournaments generated 50.2 percent more rake compared to Q1 2017. Helping to fuel the surge in poker revenue was a new tournament series.

With PokerStars’ FRESH France Espania Hold’em offering a $6 million prizepool and 50 tournaments,agen sbobet players in France and Spain had an extra incentive to ante up between January 28 and February 12. The subsequent spike in traffic boosted Spain’s and France’s quarterly takings.

According to the French regulator ARJEL, Q1 poker revenue was up by eight percent to $81.8 million.  Even in its infancy, liquidity sharing has proved profitable not just for poker operators but the gaming sector as a whole.

In addition to Spain’s positive poker performance, casino, sports betting and bingo all saw revenue jumps in Q1. Of that trio, casino operators saw the biggest improvement with earnings increasing by 51 percent to $66 million.

Sharing Could Hold the Key to Poker’s Ongoing Success

Looking forward, PokerStars has added Portugal to its Franc-Spanish platform in May, a move which should result in extra liquidity and, in turn, more revenue potential. Away from the market leader, agen sbobet Winamax and Unibet’s French platform have also been given the green light to integrate players from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

With operators in ring-fenced markets struggling under the yokes of regulation and taxation in recent years, positive revenue reports from Spain and France should be seen as a turnaround. In fact, it’s a similar across the Atlantic with liquidity sharing also showing its benefits.

As WSOPm’s tristate platform went live in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware back April, players were given access to more tournaments and loyalty rewards.

This trend of sharing players across regulated markets is one that could continue into the foreseeable future. agen sbobet With early adoptees proving that collaborations work, regions pondering regulation could look to merge with existing playerpools which, in turn, could improve liquidity across Europe and the US.

William ‘twooopair’ Reymond Wins First World Series of Poker Online Bracelet Of The Summer

What does 12 hours and $365 get you in the poker world? These days, it can get you a gold World Series of Poker bracelet and a six-figure payday.

William Reymond, a French journalist who is currently writing a book about the Kennedy assassination, agen piala dunia was one of 2,972 entries in the first of four online events this summer at the 2018 WSOP. The 47-year-old outlasted the largest online field in WSOP history to win his first career bracelet and the $154,995.

It was Reymond’s first WSOP cash. Playing under the name ‘twooopair,’ Reymond sealed his victory when his 10 9 made a full house against the K 3 of Shawn ‘sHaDySTeeM’ Stroke.

The final table also featured Anthony ‘nowb3atthat’ Spinella, who won the first ever WSOP online bracelet back in 2015. agen piala dunia Other notables who made a deep run included Taylor ‘ZeroTo100’ Von Kriegenbergh 11th, Ryan ‘bitc0in’ Riess 13th and Chris ‘2fly2die’ Hunichen 24th.

There are three more online events on this summer’s WSOP schedule, which is open to players not only in Nevada, but also Delaware and New Jersey. A $565 six-handed pot-limit Omaha event takes place on June 22, and the $1,000 no-limit hold’em championship takes place June 29. The final online eent is a $3,200 high roller on June 30.

Here is a look at the final table results.

Place Player Payout 1 William “twooopair” Reymond $154,995 2 Shawn “sHaDySTeeM” Stroke $94,264 3 Stephen “SteveSpuell” Buell $69,016 4 Ryan “LoveMy11Cats” Belz $50,592 5 Elliott “Ekampen05” Kampen $37,530 6 Josh “YoelRomero” King $27,977 7 Anthony “nowb3atthat” Spinella $21,250 8 Michaelo “myapologies” Hauptman $16,279 9 Jennifer “moistymire” Miller $12,477

For more coverage from the summer series, visit the 2018 WSOP landing page complete with a full schedule, news, player interviews and event recaps.

The PokerStars Sunday High Roller attracted 44 entrants 27 entries + 17 reentries to generate a $20,680 prize pool with five players getting paid at least $1,654.

Ryan “ISlowRollYou” Hohner shipped the bacon for $8,272 after more than four hours of play. Gagliano is one of the Garden State’s most successful players with more than $700,000 on U.S. regulated sites alone. He is currently ranked fifth in the state and 452nd overall according to PocketFives.

Place Player Prize 1 Ryan “ISlowRollYou” Hohner $8,272 2 Deansk1138 $5,584 3 Trojan526 $3,102 4 David “coles93” Coleman $2,068 5 3ShotWonder $1,654

If you play regulated online poker tournaments in Delaware, agen piala dunia Nevada or New Jersey and would like your real name appearing in future articles, please contact Jason Glatzer at jason.glatzerpokernewsm or via Twitter under JaxonPoker.

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DAO Casino wants to use cryptocurrency to disrupt online gambling

If that sounds like a mouthful, let’s take a step back. In the cryptocurrency world, much of the press and attention right now is around bitcoin, since the price of bitcoin is flying: it’s up 200% in 2017 so far.

But the price of a rival cryptocurrency, ether, has seen a bump as well: it’s up 174% in the past month, to $263. Ether is the currency of the network, which is a blockchain for smart contracts.

View photos

Price of ether in 2017. CoinMarketCap

More smart contracts

While bitcoin runs on the bitcoin blockchain,  situs judi online a decentralized, permissionless ledger—and blockchain technology originated with bitcoin in 2009— runs on its own blockchain specifically designed for smart contracts.

Smart contracts are coded agreements that live in a permanent address on the chain. These agreements can interact with other contracts to automatically enact functions.

While bitcoin is soaring as a speculative investment, there aren’t yet obvious mainstream uses for the currency beyond trading and holding it; many in the industry await the “killer app” for bitcoin.

DAO.Casino is not an actual casino itself, but an open protocol for online gambling companies like an online casino, blackjack game operator, or sports betting site to build on. DAO.Casino will also build its own branded games. It isn’t aimed at the end user—if an online betting site were to use it, the bettor wouldn’t have to know or see that they’re using a system built on . situs judi online I could even develop my own gambling site on top of DAO.Casino’s protocol and pay out users in BET tokens, but rename them Dancoins. The company’s hope is that online betting sites will integrate with its network to offer games without the casino, a middleman that takes a big cut and may not always be trustworthy.

Story Continues

No relation to The DAO hack

Nonetheless, the company embraced the DAO acronym because of what it stands for, a decentralized autonomous organization which any blockchain-based project is, even if it now carries the stink of The DAO.

Potential causes for hesitation

Of course, online betting operators may be hesitant to jump on an -based protocol for reasons that have nothing to do with DAO.Casino’s name.

As of January, nearly 25% of all smart contracts on were game-related. That’s why DAO. situs judi online Casino CEO Ilya Tarutov honed in on a gambling protocol. Traditional server-based online gambling sites don’t engender enough trust, he says, but using a decentralized network can add transparency.

To ensure fairness of games, DAO.Casino implements randomness through PRNGs pseudorandom number generators, and incentivizes users who develop new games, fund the development of new games, operate casinos, and contribute random-number algorithms by rewarding them in BET tokens. The games built on DAO.Casino will operate in BET. “Grossly simplified,” Tarutov explains, BET is a “security measure.”

For now, DAO.Casino is in beta, situs judi online and offers a simple dice game as an example of what it can do. More games are coming, Tarutov says, from online gambling operators ready to put their games on DAO.Casino’s testnet. In the next few days, the site will add a blackjack game.

Alternative to Sports Betting – Try an Online Casino

The beautiful game – football; it is virtually the only sport which is played in basically every country in the world.

On top of being the most played, situs judi bola football is also the most watched, the most written about and the most talked about sport on the planet, too. Therefore, it is not surprising that football is now the most popular sport for sports betting.

A UK Gambling Commission report stated that nearly half a billion pounds were bet on football matches alone in 2015 – the second most popular, horse racing, pulled in £340 million.

Online bookmakers have played a vital role in boosting football betting. The comprehensive market depth means a punter can place a wager on anything from the match result to overunder goals, total cornerscards or even the number of tackles made by a certain player.

However, situs judi bola betting on football has its limitations as well which paves the way for the online casino to shine, and here’s why.

Similarities & Differences Between Sports Betting and Online Casinos

From a simplistic viewpoint, both are forms of gambling so they share that common label but the answer is a little more complex than that very broad assertion.

Sports betting is knowledge or skill-based – a bettor will place a wager on a resultoutcome based on their knowledge of the peopleteamsmatch. This is comparable to casino games such as blackjack, 3-card poker or casino hold ‘em. Such games rely on knowledge and strategy – the player is making an educated decision before the wager.

Slots, on the other hand, are like buying a lottery ticket. These are not a game of skill so they are dramatically different to sports betting. The appeal is hitting the big jackpot and winning thousands or possibly millions of euros.

Online Casinos are Fun and Relaxing

Let’s be honest, situs judi bola sports betting can be a rather tense affair at times. When a wager is placed on a certain outcome in a game, often the enjoyment factor is replaced by other emotions.

For example, if a bettor has nine correct predictions on a ten-fold football accumulator, the last match becomes a rather nerve-wracking, stressful occasion. The same can be said if a bettor bets on the correct score in a single game and with 80 minutes gone they are on for a win. The last 10 minutes have the bettor watching is a state of mild anxiety.

The online casino is different in that it offers a more fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere. Possibly, situs judi bola it is due to the instantaneous nature of the games or perhaps it’s knowing that each game has a regulated RTP return to player which provides assurance over the long term.

Table game enthusiasts know by sticking to the game’s optimal strategy, they will keep the house edge to a minimum based on prolonged playing. Online video and classic slots allow the player to set a predetermined bet value and how many bet lines to play. It is then just a case of relaxing and spinning the reels.

Is Rhode Island Looking to Legalize Online Casino Gambling to Fill Budget Gap

Monday, January 08, 2018

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie and RI Gov. Gina Raimondo

Rhode Island officials may be looking at a new magic bullet to solve the ongoing budget problems. agen sbobet Taking a page out of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s playbook, Governor Gina Raimondo may seek to shake-up Rhode Island’s gambling revenue structure by pursuing a legal online casino structure.

With revenue waning via the RI Lottery Commission, ongoing delays in the construction of Twin River’s Tiverton location, and significant competition coming online in Massachusetts, Rhode Island’s golden goose of gaming revenue in fraying.

Controversial Revenue Boost

In May, the lottery reported a significant decrease in revenue, the first clear indicator that the important segment of the Rhode Island revenue stream was weakening. agen sbobet Many of the categories of lottery saw diminishing numbers.

The news sent shock waves through the budget office as gaming is one of the state’s top five revenue sources and one that historically continued to see gains.

Presently, the question of this type of gambling expansion — to online — is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Christie v. NCAA, a de facto landmark case before the Supreme Court.

Everyone from major league sports leagues to the NCAA to Las Vegas to State Houses across the country is waiting to see if the U.S. high court rules that a Federal law, agen sbobet the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, is unconstitutional.

If the court strikes down the federal law, the next noise you may hear is the gavels of speakers and senate presidents across the country shouting “and the ayes have it.”

One Rhode Island leader intrigued by the possibilities is Speaker of the House Nick Mattiello.

Expanding gaming

“If the U.S. Supreme Court issues a favorable ruling to legalize sports betting in New Jersey as expected, I would be very interested in such legislation for Rhode Island. Many details would have to be worked out as to where the betting would take place, agen sbobet but I am certainly open to the possibilities here and would work with the Lottery Commission to make sure it is done appropriately,” Mattiello told GoLocal on Sunday.

“Depending on the timing of the Supreme Court ruling, I don’t know if this could be in place for the next fiscal year’s budget,” added Mattiello.

A Supreme Court decision could be issued in late spring on 2018.

“The Governor is open to considering legalizing internet sports betting in Rhode Island if the Supreme Court opens a path for states to take action,” said David Ortiz, Raimondo’s spokesperson on Sunday night.

Online Casino Software Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Online Casino Software Secrets That No One Else Knows About

As you surf through internet casinos, agen piala dunia you will start to observe the gaps each one of the various platforms have about alternatives, games and functionality. It is tough to know which ones to trust, although it is not tough to track down on the web casino reviews round the internet. Most internet casinos allow absolutely free gameplay after a merchant accounts is made by you.

You are able to customize the Casino to fit your tastes and retrieve info. Understand the casino reviews department. Nevertheless, portable casinos really are an outstanding way to pass sometime when shooting transit to work, or since you’re lounging on the sofa in your home. Badly managed casinos rarely last long in the forex current market, and cheating is infrequent. agen piala dunia Rival casinos are a few traits that are made to give a custom made experience to their players. For instance, if you’re not a player, you might desire to have an internet casino that delivers a fantastic deal of matches that are free or practice you might intersperse with gambling games. Lucky Nugget Online Casino is genuinely a website that is for the fans.

Deciding on an internet casino can be complicated as there are lots of casinos competing for your small business. Every casinos is compatible with Windows, even though there are minimum requirements your computer should meet. As opposed to visiting sites to ascertain whether a certain online casino is appropriate for you personally, we’ve done the difficult work all to bring you a set of the best online casinos now offered Just you are able to choose which perks create a specific casino the solution for the playing pleasure.

The Online Casino Software Cover Up

There are 3 kinds of applications at the forefront of internet casino gambling. For instance Microgaming can provide internet casino gambling services and products and its software as being a consequence of its license from the united kingdom Gambling Commission into the UK market. The Playtech program is safe and quite dependable with graphics. agen piala dunia Each program has its own particular interface by that you are able to access features that are distinctive and perform functions that are unique. Casino applications is a enormous deal. You may rest assured that in the case the casino applications is very good there is certainly going to become considered a scarcity of viruses, malware, spy ware and bugs which would slow off your own gameplay. Since Rival Gambling internet casino software is supplied in a download version for the Windows and Mac , Rival casinos are a few of the most compatible on the business.

There are lots of methods by. It really is one of the greatest things for any individual to get at an online casino. It is likely to involve a person depositing money in one casino accounts at the very first part.

The matches given at each individual casino serve to signify style and the casinos entire idea for example a bit of personality to the internet casino website You could have guessed who generated such varieties of matches to supply you with the word in internet entertainment, agen piala dunia and also the answer can be bought at the base of the site where the name of the applications provider is proudly displayed’s homepage. Virtually all casino matches are now able to be played for money, via online casino sites.

Virtual betting the surprise star in UK Gambling Commission stats

Virtual betting is punching above its weight class, according to new UK Gambling Commission UKGC statistics.

On Thursday, the UKGC released its latest report on the nation’s gaming industry, covering the period from October 2016 to September 2017. On the whole, the report doesn’t reveal significant deviations from the previous data set released last December.

The UK market generated overall gross gambling yield GGY of £13.9b during the period, up only 0.7% from the April 2016 – March 2017 figure. situs judi online Online gambling accounted for £4.9b of the total, a 3.7% improvement, bringing the online market share up one point to 35%.

The number of new online account registrations jumped nearly 6m to 36.6m and online active accounts were up over 7m to 30.9m. These accounts held a total of £849m, up from just £562m in the previous report.

For the first time, the UKGC report includes virtual betting, provided by the likes of Inspired Gaming and Playtech, situs judi online and the numbers may prove somewhat surprising. Virtual betting revenue totaled £170m, which was £40m more than real tennis brought in and represents roughly 8.5% of overall online betting revenue during the period.

Sadly, the UKGC didn’t break out the virtual revenue figure into individual sports, but football, basketball and racing have proven wildly popular in the ‘make believe’ betting realm. Virtual betting is a major contributor to retail betting operations in Italy and has also begun to make inroads into Asian markets.

The UK’s overall retail GGY was down 3% to £3.1b, with OTC wagering falling 7% to £1.3b and fixed-odds betting terminal FOBT revenue flat at £1.8b. As of March 31, 2018, situs judi online the total number of betting shops had fallen 3% to 8,532. There are nearly 600 less shops in the UK now than at the end of March 2012.

The Association of British Bookmakers ABB lamented the closures, saying “nearly 1,000 good jobs” had gone the way of the dodo. The ABB maintains that the pace of these layoffs “will accelerate” following the government’s recent decision to slash the maximum stake on FOBTs from £100 to just £2.

The number of online gamblers who opted for self-exclusion jumped to nearly 1.31m, a significant bump from the 1.12m who opted out between April 2016 – March 2017. Of these gamblers, situs judi online over 68k cancelled their self-exclusion after the minimum time-out period. Retail betting self-exclusions fell to 38,766 from 39,092.


Steve Pope, the psychotherapist treating the boy who burnt through £60,000 gambling on his father’s business credit cards, says he regards gambling as more insidiously damaging than smoking ‘because it’s openly advertised everywhere in such a fun, exciting way, but the long-term consequences are very, very real and disastrous’.

He told the Sunday Mirror: ‘I’ve been working in addiction recovery for over 30 years and I’m staggered at how many gambling addicts under the age of 20 are coming through my door.’

Last week, I had a meeting with the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock. situs judi online Partly, I wanted to congratulate him on his tremendous decision last month to reduce the legal maximum bet on High Street Fixed Odds Betting Terminals from £100 to £2. But I also urged him to act against the saturation of our country with gambling ads which — to put it no less harshly than they deserve — are grooming our children into addiction.

Otherwise, there will be more families destroyed than we can yet imagine.

YP Letters: A gamble too far on betting machines

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

The PROPOSED reduction of stakes for fixed odds betting terminals in licensed betting shops to just £2 is a step in the right direction against the serious evil that gambling in every form represents.

Older people will remember in Leeds pre-1960 there were no betting shops, casinos or amusement arcades, situs judi bola as gambling was not only frowned on then, but illegal. Although many placed bets on horse racing via furtive individuals known as ‘runners’. most pubs displayed a sign in the tap room, “writing or passing of betting slips prohibited”.

Even in the late 1940s, I believe some slot machines were seized by Leeds City Police and smashed up with sledgehammers outside Leeds Town Hall. Although no-one wants to go back to that situation, thanks to New Labour things went too far the other way.

Gambling operators, as usual, situs judi bola are lobbying the government with claims of lost tax revenues and jobs, bleating on about the offshore rivals who pay virtually no tax in the UK – a problem easily solved by any Chancellor if only the political will was there.

The supreme irony to me is that National Lottery tickets can only be purchased with cash, something which ought to be extended to every form of gambling!

Community is empty word

From: Philip Crowther, Bingley.

COMMUNITY is a word that has seeped into our lives in recent times, probably more so since David Cameron came up with the Big Society – code for ‘let’s see if they fall for providing public services on the cheap’.

In my view the ‘community’ tag is a sticking plaster term used by the Government to avoid having to address the true problems our country has.

I believe genuine ‘community’ ceased in the 1960s with the onset of mass TV ownership, as well as car ownership.

Community is now often cited by the media but where are the examples, situs judi bola other than very small hubs of people in hamlets or villages?

If you walk down any high street today, you are lucky not to be bowled over by people scurrying with a coffee in one hand, head down staring at their phone. ‘Please’’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ are now terms that pass many people’s lips less and less.

What is community-spirited about many people being fearful of walking our streets?

This sticking-plaster term will not solve our problems of insufficient police to maintain law and order, situs judi bola health care and public service funds.

It may work during jingoistic events such as Royal weddings, but this is where it ends.

However, if we are brainwashed often enough to believe we have ‘community’, maybe all our problems will be solved.

DOMINIC LAWSON: Gambling harmless fun? Tell that to the family of the addict boy, age 13, who lost £80,000 after seeing betting ads at a Wembley football match

The Football World Cup kicks off next week and there is only one guaranteed winner. agen sbobet I don’t mean which national team will carry off the trophy: that is anyone’s guess.

No, the outcome of which we can be certain is that the betting companies will clean up. Not so much in taking far more money than they will pay out, but because this month-long festival of football is a golden opportunity for them to target and hook the nation’s youth via a bombardment of television advertising.

You only have to watch any of the commercial TV channels when sport is being broadcast to be stunned by their saturation with ads from the various gambling companies.

You only have to watch any of the commercial TV channels when sport is being broadcast to be stunned by their saturation with ads from the various gambling companies

There is a loophole actually, agen sbobet a gaping void in the law that bans gambling ads before the so-called watershed at 9pm: an exception is made for live sporting events.

Is it seriously to be believed that children are miraculously immune to temptation from such ads if they are being broadcast during a live event?

Of course not: this is just a cynical arrangement with the gambling firms bankrolling the channels broadcasting such events — and with the TV companies themselves.


In sports-obsessed Australia, where legislators have become fully alert to the growing extent that gambling addiction has gripped their youth, the law has been changed to stop gambling ads during live broadcasts before the watershed. No such good sense has yet emerged from the Westminster Parliament.

It should, however,  agen sbobet be galvanised by a report in a Sunday newspaper yesterday, recounting how a 13-year-old Lancashire boy went on an £80,000 criminal spree to fund a gambling addiction.

This child un-named, to protect his identity told the paper he had become hooked by seeing the gambling ads while attending a football match at Wembley. By the way, you can see these ads even on the BBC’s Match of the Day: they skitter non-stop across the electronic boards that ring football stadiums.

Anyway, this lad was immediately entranced: ‘I figured I’d give it a go. It seemed fun and easy.’

Well, yes, agen sbobet that’s exactly the impression given by these ads, showing young adults at football games placing bets while at the match, then becoming ecstatically happy when their punt inevitably comes off.