Spain Online Poker Revenues Spike Under New Shared EU Liquidity Agreement

The Spanish online poker market is red hot in the early months of 2018, and a big reason why is the poker online new and growing player pool it shares with other EU countries.

Profits from online poker in Spain saw a significant increase in the early months of 2018. PokerUpdate

First quarter financials released earlier in the week from Spanish regulator Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego DGOJ revealed that total revenues for online gaming in Spain hit €163.3 million $190.5 million, a robust 28 percent jump over this time last year.

Sports betting made up the biggest piece of the profits, generating €81.7 million $95.3 million in revenue. That accounts for about half of all gains from the country’s online gaming sector and represents a 15.9 percent year-over-year increase.

But that impressive growth paled in comparison to gains seen for online poker. poker online Spanish poker revenues totaled €21.5 million $25 million, with cash games action up about 30 percent to €8.4 million $9.8 million. Tournament revenue climbed by an even more whopping 50.2 percent, to €13 million $15.2 million.

Meanwhile, total expenditures on cash games and tournaments were also up 19 percent and 40.4 percent, respectively.

Compare that to figures from the last quarter of 2017 that showed online poker revenues in Spain growing by just 5 percent year-over-year.

Shared Liquidity Benefits

Spain appears to be the latest benefactor of a new shared liquidity agreement among four EU countries. In January, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal entered into an agreement that would see them tear down the virtual border walls and share their poker player pools.

France and Spain were the first to join forces, and the French industry saw an immediate improvement, with gross gaming revenue GGR growing by 8 percent in Q1 of this year.

Next to join was Portugal, poker online which jumped into the shared player pool earlier this month, pushing poker profits even higher. According to data from GameIntelm, cash game traffic on the European network was boosted by 27 percent in the first week following the addition of Portugal.

There’s no word on when Italy may join EU poker party.

More Competition to Come?

All of this is great for international poker sites such as PokerStars, as their EU network is now the third-biggest in the world. However, there is no guarantee that the company will have the shared market to itself forever.

French online operator Winimax has already been granted the relevant license from that country’s gaming regulator. Assuming it gets the same approval from Spain’s DGOJ in the near future, poker online Winimax is widely expected to launch online poker in those two countries later this year. It’s less clear at this point whether or not Portugal’s regulator will grant am online gaming license to any operator other than PokerStars.

Partypoker plans to get in on the action, too, once it gets its regulatory ducks in a row. However, no word yet from 888poker on whether it has ambitions on jumping into this four-country pool any time soon.

SugarHouse Online Casino

May 30, 2017

Hello there, we welcome you to New Jersey’s SugarHouse Online Casino— one of the world’s best Online Casinos. poker indonesia We are excited for you to join our platform and we are looking forward to bringing you unlimited hours of online speculating entertainment! We guarantee you personalized gambling experiences, like you have never had before. On the first day, you will register yourself at SugarHouse Casino; we offer a $20 free sign up bonus, and you also have the opportunity to claim 100 percent of your first down payment in bonus money, up to $100 for free. SugarHouse allows you to experience popular casino games including roulette, blackjack and poker. Also, you can access exclusive customer support and the safest and securest deposit options with routine weekly and VIP promotional bonus codes. Join the SugarHouse community today and begin your ultimate online gambling experience!

SugarHouse Bonus. Just like with other NJDGE casino websites, SugarHouse Online Casino comes with an advantageous SugarHouse Casino sign up bonus, which you can use to play your favorite casino game. To claim this bonus amount, you can use the Promotional Code MAXBONUS, by filling it in the promo code area during the sign up process. poker indonesia Here you can avail up to a $20 bonus, and after you sign up you will be eligible to avail 100 percent of the deposit amount for the first time. SugarHouse Casino also has a VIP Bonus point facility for the Casino members who have qualified tier 7 and above.

In the SugarHouse VIP promotional bonus, you get extra exciting deals, extra promotions, extra rewards, basically extra everything. SugarHouse Casino also offers Weekly Leaderboard Promotional deals, where you have the great chance of winning $1200 in cash. Here, you will be with other casino masters who have collected the most points by the end of that week.

SugarHouse Banking Options. Making payments or transactions at Sugarhouse Casino Online is very easy and fully secure. The casino offers debitcredit cards, as well as its own eWallets solution, neteller, along with Direct wire methods, all of which make it simpler to do transactions.

SugarHouse Games. In terms of Casino Games at SugarHouse, you can enjoy a variety of pleasing and appealing casino games along with blackjack, roulette, poker, slots and many more. The SugarHouse has almost every game for your enjoyment – including everything from the Arnie-tastic Terminator 2 to the great Jurassic Park game. poker indonesia This superabundance of casino games makes sure that you will never miss a game that delights your fancifulness. SugarHouse Casino games are designed in a way that they are filled to the top with absorbing features, each of which offers you an opportunity to wake up a champion inside to win massive payouts.

You can also enjoy the SugarHouse casino by using smartphone devices by installing the SugarHouse Casino app, or you can access SugarHouse by using different browsers supported by your smartphone. The best thing is that you get the same experience as you would while playing on your personal computer. Even though SugarHouse is new in the market, poker indonesia it offers services that are as great as those offered by some of the top online casinos in New Jersey. SugarHouse Online Casino is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement NJDGE and operated by SugarHouse HSP Gaming L.P.

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Online casinos ‘failing on problem gambling’

Image copyright Images

Online casino operators are failing poker domino to protect problem gamblers or prevent money laundering, the Gambling Commission has warned.

It has written to all 195 UK operators and warned them to review procedures.

Many were unable to spot signs of financial crime and compulsive gambling, it said.

It is investigating 17 companies, with five under licence review. If a company loses its licence, it would no longer be able to operate in the UK.

None of the operators under investigation has been named by the regulator.

A third of all gambling in the UK now takes place online, poker domino and the industry is worth billions of pounds.

But the commission is concerned that customers whose gambling is becoming compulsive are not being followed up.

It reviewed a large number of customer accounts and found “potential signs of problem gambling based on consumers’ gambling pattern and spend”, it said.

“In many cases, however, this behaviour did not trigger a customer interaction.”

David Bradford’s family only discovered his secret gambling addiction when he was jailed for a £50,000 fraud.

The accountant received an eight-month sentence in 2014 and his stunned family discovered the secret gambler was almost £500,000 in debt.

He had also taken out payday loans and remortgaged the family home in Sheffield.

Mr Bradford, now 61, said that rather than helping gamblers who were trying to stop, casinos sent “lots of offers to get back on the bandwagon”.

He added: “They only really answer to their shareholders … there is a need for a duty of care.”

His son Adam Bradford said gambling should be treated as a mental illness.

The 25-year-old added: “I hope this measure is not simply a threat and if companies do lose their licences for breaches of the code, poker domino then it is a step in the right direction.”

The commission also said that some staff had little idea of how to spot money laundering – or, in some cases, even what it was.

All companies should ensure staff are trained in the law, and they should all carry out risk assessments – such as monitoring and risk profiling of customers – it said.

The commission’s chief executive Sarah Harrison said the organisation was taking action to make the market “fairer and safer”.

She added: “It is vital that the gambling industry takes its duty to protect consumers and keep crime out of.

You can register right now and you’ll get a free token to try these games. poker domino But their real purpose is to show developers, Tarutov says, “that it is possible to implement serverless and fast PRNG methods on . It shows that there’s hope and direction. We’re confident that we can implement one more method before the end of this year which is suitable for multiplayer games. But this is just a start.”

DAO Casino wants to use cryptocurrency to disrupt online gambling

If that sounds like a mouthful, let’s take a step back. In the cryptocurrency world, much of the press and attention right now is around bitcoin, since the price of bitcoin is flying: it’s up 200% in 2017 so far.

But the price of a rival cryptocurrency, ether, has seen a bump as well: it’s up 174% in the past month, to $263. Ether is the currency of the network, which is a blockchain for smart contracts.

View photos

Price of ether in 2017. CoinMarketCap

More smart contracts

While bitcoin runs on the bitcoin blockchain,  situs judi online a decentralized, permissionless ledger—and blockchain technology originated with bitcoin in 2009— runs on its own blockchain specifically designed for smart contracts.

Smart contracts are coded agreements that live in a permanent address on the chain. These agreements can interact with other contracts to automatically enact functions.

While bitcoin is soaring as a speculative investment, there aren’t yet obvious mainstream uses for the currency beyond trading and holding it; many in the industry await the “killer app” for bitcoin.

DAO.Casino is not an actual casino itself, but an open protocol for online gambling companies like an online casino, blackjack game operator, or sports betting site to build on. DAO.Casino will also build its own branded games. It isn’t aimed at the end user—if an online betting site were to use it, the bettor wouldn’t have to know or see that they’re using a system built on . situs judi online I could even develop my own gambling site on top of DAO.Casino’s protocol and pay out users in BET tokens, but rename them Dancoins. The company’s hope is that online betting sites will integrate with its network to offer games without the casino, a middleman that takes a big cut and may not always be trustworthy.

Story Continues

No relation to The DAO hack

Nonetheless, the company embraced the DAO acronym because of what it stands for, a decentralized autonomous organization which any blockchain-based project is, even if it now carries the stink of The DAO.

Potential causes for hesitation

Of course, online betting operators may be hesitant to jump on an -based protocol for reasons that have nothing to do with DAO.Casino’s name.

As of January, nearly 25% of all smart contracts on were game-related. That’s why DAO. situs judi online Casino CEO Ilya Tarutov honed in on a gambling protocol. Traditional server-based online gambling sites don’t engender enough trust, he says, but using a decentralized network can add transparency.

To ensure fairness of games, DAO.Casino implements randomness through PRNGs pseudorandom number generators, and incentivizes users who develop new games, fund the development of new games, operate casinos, and contribute random-number algorithms by rewarding them in BET tokens. The games built on DAO.Casino will operate in BET. “Grossly simplified,” Tarutov explains, BET is a “security measure.”

For now, DAO.Casino is in beta, situs judi online and offers a simple dice game as an example of what it can do. More games are coming, Tarutov says, from online gambling operators ready to put their games on DAO.Casino’s testnet. In the next few days, the site will add a blackjack game.

Alternative to Sports Betting – Try an Online Casino

The beautiful game – football; it is virtually the only sport which is played in basically every country in the world.

On top of being the most played, situs judi bola football is also the most watched, the most written about and the most talked about sport on the planet, too. Therefore, it is not surprising that football is now the most popular sport for sports betting.

A UK Gambling Commission report stated that nearly half a billion pounds were bet on football matches alone in 2015 – the second most popular, horse racing, pulled in £340 million.

Online bookmakers have played a vital role in boosting football betting. The comprehensive market depth means a punter can place a wager on anything from the match result to overunder goals, total cornerscards or even the number of tackles made by a certain player.

However, situs judi bola betting on football has its limitations as well which paves the way for the online casino to shine, and here’s why.

Similarities & Differences Between Sports Betting and Online Casinos

From a simplistic viewpoint, both are forms of gambling so they share that common label but the answer is a little more complex than that very broad assertion.

Sports betting is knowledge or skill-based – a bettor will place a wager on a resultoutcome based on their knowledge of the peopleteamsmatch. This is comparable to casino games such as blackjack, 3-card poker or casino hold ‘em. Such games rely on knowledge and strategy – the player is making an educated decision before the wager.

Slots, on the other hand, are like buying a lottery ticket. These are not a game of skill so they are dramatically different to sports betting. The appeal is hitting the big jackpot and winning thousands or possibly millions of euros.

Online Casinos are Fun and Relaxing

Let’s be honest, situs judi bola sports betting can be a rather tense affair at times. When a wager is placed on a certain outcome in a game, often the enjoyment factor is replaced by other emotions.

For example, if a bettor has nine correct predictions on a ten-fold football accumulator, the last match becomes a rather nerve-wracking, stressful occasion. The same can be said if a bettor bets on the correct score in a single game and with 80 minutes gone they are on for a win. The last 10 minutes have the bettor watching is a state of mild anxiety.

The online casino is different in that it offers a more fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere. Possibly, situs judi bola it is due to the instantaneous nature of the games or perhaps it’s knowing that each game has a regulated RTP return to player which provides assurance over the long term.

Table game enthusiasts know by sticking to the game’s optimal strategy, they will keep the house edge to a minimum based on prolonged playing. Online video and classic slots allow the player to set a predetermined bet value and how many bet lines to play. It is then just a case of relaxing and spinning the reels.

Is Rhode Island Looking to Legalize Online Casino Gambling to Fill Budget Gap

Monday, January 08, 2018

Former NJ Gov. Chris Christie and RI Gov. Gina Raimondo

Rhode Island officials may be looking at a new magic bullet to solve the ongoing budget problems. agen sbobet Taking a page out of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s playbook, Governor Gina Raimondo may seek to shake-up Rhode Island’s gambling revenue structure by pursuing a legal online casino structure.

With revenue waning via the RI Lottery Commission, ongoing delays in the construction of Twin River’s Tiverton location, and significant competition coming online in Massachusetts, Rhode Island’s golden goose of gaming revenue in fraying.

Controversial Revenue Boost

In May, the lottery reported a significant decrease in revenue, the first clear indicator that the important segment of the Rhode Island revenue stream was weakening. agen sbobet Many of the categories of lottery saw diminishing numbers.

The news sent shock waves through the budget office as gaming is one of the state’s top five revenue sources and one that historically continued to see gains.

Presently, the question of this type of gambling expansion — to online — is pending before the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Christie v. NCAA, a de facto landmark case before the Supreme Court.

Everyone from major league sports leagues to the NCAA to Las Vegas to State Houses across the country is waiting to see if the U.S. high court rules that a Federal law, agen sbobet the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, is unconstitutional.

If the court strikes down the federal law, the next noise you may hear is the gavels of speakers and senate presidents across the country shouting “and the ayes have it.”

One Rhode Island leader intrigued by the possibilities is Speaker of the House Nick Mattiello.

Expanding gaming

“If the U.S. Supreme Court issues a favorable ruling to legalize sports betting in New Jersey as expected, I would be very interested in such legislation for Rhode Island. Many details would have to be worked out as to where the betting would take place, agen sbobet but I am certainly open to the possibilities here and would work with the Lottery Commission to make sure it is done appropriately,” Mattiello told GoLocal on Sunday.

“Depending on the timing of the Supreme Court ruling, I don’t know if this could be in place for the next fiscal year’s budget,” added Mattiello.

A Supreme Court decision could be issued in late spring on 2018.

“The Governor is open to considering legalizing internet sports betting in Rhode Island if the Supreme Court opens a path for states to take action,” said David Ortiz, Raimondo’s spokesperson on Sunday night.

Online Casino Software Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Online Casino Software Secrets That No One Else Knows About

As you surf through internet casinos, agen piala dunia you will start to observe the gaps each one of the various platforms have about alternatives, games and functionality. It is tough to know which ones to trust, although it is not tough to track down on the web casino reviews round the internet. Most internet casinos allow absolutely free gameplay after a merchant accounts is made by you.

You are able to customize the Casino to fit your tastes and retrieve info. Understand the casino reviews department. Nevertheless, portable casinos really are an outstanding way to pass sometime when shooting transit to work, or since you’re lounging on the sofa in your home. Badly managed casinos rarely last long in the forex current market, and cheating is infrequent. agen piala dunia Rival casinos are a few traits that are made to give a custom made experience to their players. For instance, if you’re not a player, you might desire to have an internet casino that delivers a fantastic deal of matches that are free or practice you might intersperse with gambling games. Lucky Nugget Online Casino is genuinely a website that is for the fans.

Deciding on an internet casino can be complicated as there are lots of casinos competing for your small business. Every casinos is compatible with Windows, even though there are minimum requirements your computer should meet. As opposed to visiting sites to ascertain whether a certain online casino is appropriate for you personally, we’ve done the difficult work all to bring you a set of the best online casinos now offered Just you are able to choose which perks create a specific casino the solution for the playing pleasure.

The Online Casino Software Cover Up

There are 3 kinds of applications at the forefront of internet casino gambling. For instance Microgaming can provide internet casino gambling services and products and its software as being a consequence of its license from the united kingdom Gambling Commission into the UK market. The Playtech program is safe and quite dependable with graphics. agen piala dunia Each program has its own particular interface by that you are able to access features that are distinctive and perform functions that are unique. Casino applications is a enormous deal. You may rest assured that in the case the casino applications is very good there is certainly going to become considered a scarcity of viruses, malware, spy ware and bugs which would slow off your own gameplay. Since Rival Gambling internet casino software is supplied in a download version for the Windows and Mac , Rival casinos are a few of the most compatible on the business.

There are lots of methods by. It really is one of the greatest things for any individual to get at an online casino. It is likely to involve a person depositing money in one casino accounts at the very first part.

The matches given at each individual casino serve to signify style and the casinos entire idea for example a bit of personality to the internet casino website You could have guessed who generated such varieties of matches to supply you with the word in internet entertainment, agen piala dunia and also the answer can be bought at the base of the site where the name of the applications provider is proudly displayed’s homepage. Virtually all casino matches are now able to be played for money, via online casino sites.

A Guide to UK’s Online Casino Scene

Online gambling is definitely part of the UK’s mainstream, with British gamers wagering almost £3 billion on slots and casino games every year.

But there are still millions of new customers who are new to the scene, and dipping your toes into poker indonesia the water of online gambling can be a daunting experience. So what are the top tips for newbies when they first sign up for an online casino?

Stick to the UK’s Leading Online Casinos?

Most importantly, gamers should steer clear of dodgy operators and stick to the UK’s best-run, most reliable online casino sites. There are a handful, both new and old sites, to choose from.

Let’s have a look at a few sites, casinos and guides, that can help you when you’re up for some slots or table game action.

Monster Casino

A casino launched in 2016 that have been increasing in popularity over the last year. poker indonesia Offers generous free spins and cash matched bonuses for new sign-ups and a nice mix of table games and slots. An old-school and simple design.

AspersStarted off as a land-based casino who now have created a popular online casino with a wide range of exciting machines and age-old favourites like blackjack and poker.


A casino site crammed with information about most thing related to online and local gambling. Games, bonuses, banking etc. Every casino will offer some kind of incentive for new members, but the terms differ from site to site, and this is a place where you can turn to read about that.


Another good casino site for UK players that will be of the best of help when you’re up for some casino action. At Dreamz website you get a chance to get to know the true essence of online casino. Read game reviews, play slots for free and learn all you need to know about the UK’s casino scene.

Let’s move on to strategies, bonuses and game information – what to keep in mind before signing up!Shop Around for the Best Online Casino Bonus Deals

When you’ve shortlisted the kind of casinos you’d like to join, it makes sense to compare their bonus deals. poker indonesia Be on the lookout for as many free spins as possible, and no deposit bonuses as well. Some bonuses restrict payouts until you’ve spend a certain amount, but if you keep your eyes open, you can find the most generous deals.

Start Slow and Build Your ConfidenceWhatever games you choose to play, it’s generally a good idea to ease yourself into online casinos. Don’t start wagering £50 a spin on the riskiest slots or betting high on blackjack hands. Sure, you might get lucky, poker indonesia but it pays to gradually increase your stakes. That way you can gain experience, learn how to budget effectively, get a feel for which machines pay out consistently, and start to strategise like a pro.

Illegal online casino busted, 6 held

Six men have been arrested for poker domino allegedly running an illegal online casino in east Delhi’s Shakarpur for the past three to four months, the police said on Sunday.

The police were on May 5 informed about the illegal gaming house at a shop in Krishna Kunj in Laxmi Nagar.

Betting software

They said the accused ran the illegal gaming house as a cyber cafe, which boasted PlayStations and desktop computers used to operate the betting racket.

The accused have been identified as Amit Kashyap, Rohit Sharma, Sunny Chhabra, Sachin Kumar, Rishi Kesh and Pankaj Mishra.

The accused had installed a betting software in the PlayStations, which were connected to the desktop computers poker domino through which the gambling racket was run. Deputy Commissioner of Police East Pankaj Singh said the raiding team found 15 PlayStations and desktop computers, which were used to play online bidding games.

Customers had to bid a minimum of ₹1,000 on the online game.

“Lucky customers were promised ₹36,000,” said Singh.

The senior officer added that the organiser had been arrested in past as well for running a similar gaming house.

Set into the dramatic Adriatic coastline on the 10th story of a luxury hotel, it boasts hard-to-beat views that easily make you feel like you stepped straight out of a spy movie. And you guessed it! 007 did take a trip here in the 2006 film named after the casino itself. Shaken not stirred is indeed on the agenda with a stunning restaurant and bar serving up fine national and international cuisine should you fancy some downtime. Just like its fancy exterior, to get past the gatekeepers you need to dress to impress. And you will need to register, so bring some ID along too.

It has a broad selection of live table games available, poker domino including Russian Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker, Caribbean Poker, and Blackjack, until 4am on weekdays and 6am on weekends. There’s also a great selection of slot machines and roulette, plus the chance to arrange international tournaments or private games depending on who else you’re rubbing shoulders with.

Sochi Casino and Resort – Russia casino-review

There are only four regions in Russia’s expansive land where gambling is legal, and amongst them, is Krasnodar. Here you’ll find Winter Olympics 2014 host, Sochi, which boasts the country’s most popular casino, Sochi Casino and Resort. Opened just last year it’s still pretty new but with plans to open more casinos in the city soon, poker domino it must be proving quite the hit. This area is easily accessible for Europeans and it’s putting Sochi on the European gambling map.

The casino has a 2,000 person capacity and offers 569 brand new slot machines, and 70 gaming tables with seven games to choose from. Try your luck at Russian Poker, Texas Hold’em, and Roulette. They also offer pretty slick deals on tours to make sure you experience the best of Russia’s gambling offerings.

Alternative Casinos From Around the World

Gambling is thrilling. It’s not for the faint-hearted it’s for those who seek adventure. daftar poker With the boom in online casinos this last decade or so, it’s easy to get that in the comfort of your own home. But if you want to taste the tension of the high stakes and fast decisions then you’ll be heading to a land casino.

So we wanted to give you a list of casinos you should check out. We all know Las Vegas. It’s like that hot best-friend that everyone wants to talk to. With all its renown already established, we wanted to give you a taste of alternative, cool casinos from around the globe.

We take you all over the world, so have a look and get your next holiday planned!

Casino Baden-Baden – Germany

Step back in time and take a wander over to Germany’s scenic Baden Württemberg region to Casino Baden-Baden. This casino, right in the heart of the Black Forest spa town, daftar poker has been described as Europe’s most lavish and palatial casino. Steeped in history you can’t help but soak up the glitz and glamour of days gone by once you step into this place.

You’ll feel like royalty as you take in your surroundings, so avoid any casual wear on this trip, you’ll need to look the part. Despite it seeming so reminiscent, it has taken steps to develop to modern needs, although sadly that means the end of silver and gold chips being used. Told you it was snazzy!

Players must be over 21 years with valid ID to have access to its multiple slots machines, and the table classics like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex – Melbourne, Australia linkedinm

This giant complex found in Melbourne’s daftar poker central business district is equivalent in size to two city blocks! It’s certainly the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and is a serious contender in the rest of the world too.

With four luxury hotels, over 40 restaurants to choose from, and numerous cafes and bars, all your needs are catered for. And the entertainment matches up – cinemas, Kingpin, and arcades. The casino itself keeps you wanting for nothing with its 350 poker tables and 540 table games. daftar poker Here you’ll find all your favorites – Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Craps, and Pai Gow.

It’s become the hub for major poker events in the Asia-Pacific region and also offers you the chance to play private tournaments with your friends.